The industrial park's steam supply is generated by one block-unit power station fuelled by biomass and three gas-fuelled steam generators. Fuel oil EL may be used as a reserve combustible.

Steam is distributed via the steam networks in pressure ranges of 75, 40 and 4.5 bar. In the course of water treatment, the feeder water required for steam-generation is pre-treated by ion exchangers and a downstream mixed-media filter as well as thermally devolatilized. It reaches the steam generators by way of feeder water pumps. Live steam of 75 and 40 bar is used to power back pressure turbines that generate electric power.

The distribution of steam to you as a customer is done via a pipeline network supported by pipe racks. The networks are partially circuit-shaped and partially radiant. Every consumer is subject to a quantity measurement shortly after the start of his term of lease to allow for an individual accounting for consumption. After the initial measurement, responsibility and proprietorship of the shut-off valve are under your jurisdiction. Consumption is monitored online and charged according to the reference measurement.


  • 75 bar, max. 470 °C
  • 40 bar, max. 450 °C
  • 4.5 bar, max 250 °C
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