Biological waste water treatment

The central sewage plant of the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park, our biological waste water treament site BARA, is situated on the river island Petersaue in the Rhine. BARA is a truly powerful plant and a strong column of environmental protection in the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park. Our waste water sewers drain away roughly 100,000 m³ of water per day.

About 15,000 m³/d of waster water incurred in production are biologically treated by BARA, while roughly 85,000 m³/d of cooling and rainwater are directly drained into the Rhine after a check. InfraServ Wiesbaden runs an elaborate monitoring and security system along the sewers to protect the Rhine and the sewage plant from unauthorized discharges. In addition, cooling and rain water as well as waste water from production may automatically be redirected into detention reservoirs if they are contaminated.

After a mechanical and chemical pre-treatment, waster water from the production units is treated biologically. The treatment technologies employed (denitrification, anaerobic and aerobic treatment) meet the high standards for waste water treatment required by the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park.

The sewage sludge is stabilized, dehydrated, and disposed of thermically.

Our BARA's services at a glance:

  • Intake of highly contaminated waste water from production
  • On-site sampling of waste water
  • Waster water analyses
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