In the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park, nitrogen supply is ensured by two components: The base load is supplied by an air separation unit, and peak consumption is covered by a liquid fuel depot.

In the air separation unit, gaseous nitrogen is generated by way of cryogenic air separation. Before the process air enters the coldbox, the residues of water vapour and carbon dioxide are removed in a molecular sieve station. In the heat exchanger, in a counterflow to the product flow, the air is almost cooled down to liquefaction temperature. Within the rectification column, the air is separated into pure nitrogen at the top of the column and a liquid rich in oxygen at the bottom of the column. The gaseous nitrogen is used to cool the air and after further densification enters the product pipeline.

The liquid nitrogen fuel depot is used as a backup system for the coverage of peak consumption and to ensure the uninterrupted supply of the industrial park. The cryogenic liquid nitrogen is delivered in road tankers, pumped into the storage depots and stored at an excess pressure of 6 bar.

To supply your on-site operation, liquid nitrogen is taken from the storage depots, vaporized by the evaporator and fed into the company network in a gaseous state.

The distribution of nitrogen to you and the other consumers is done via a pipeline network supported by pipe racks. The networks are partially circuit-shaped and partially radiant. Every consumer is subject to a quantity measurement shortly after the start of his term of lease to allow for an individual accounting for consumption. Consumption is monitored online and charged according to the reference measurement.

Specification: We supply gaseous nitrogen at around 5.5 bar. Its purity amounts to 99.99%.


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