To begin with, the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park offers excellent transport links for yourself, your customers, employees and suppliers: Its main entrance is only three minutes from the motorway, and Frankfurt Airport is twenty minutes away by car. The compound boasts direct links to the public train network - not only for the transport of goods but for passenger traffic as well. In addition, the industrial park has its own wharf and is directly accessible by barges on the river Rhine.

Choose exactly the components you require

Our compound encompasses 96 hectares of space, equipped with all the required infrastructure to ensure successful business operations - not only but especially for companies in the chemical industry. This includes basic services such as supply and waste management as well as hazard control.

On top of that, InfraServ Wiesbaden offers you a choice of many optional services, on-site and readily available. Take your pick. The further menu items will guide you to our full portfolio of services.