Supply systems

No matter which utilities your operation requires: InfraServ Wiesbaden will supply you with them. The subsequent menu items will guide you to more detailed information.


The Industrial Park's steam supply is generated by one block-unit power station fuelled by biomass as well as three gas-fuelled steam generators. Fuel oil EL may be used as a reserve combustible.

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Cooling and compressed air

In order to supply your on-site operation in the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park with process and ambient cooling, InfraServ Wiesbaden operates a central ammoniac-refrigeration unit with an installed cooling capacity of 24 MW.

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InfraServ Wiesbaden operates its own as well as an external power supply network. This guarantees you a high degree of supply security.

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In the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park, nitrogen supply is covered by two components: the base load is supplied by an air separation unit; and peak consumption is covered by a liquid fuel depot.

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Water supply

Water taken from the Rhine is turned into the purest of waters: Around 90,000 m³ of water are consumed by the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park each day.

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The networks that run through the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park underground, on the ground or above ground are its life lines: they ensure the availability of every type of medium in each and every corner of the compound.

Utilities management

Every on-site operation has its own special requirements regarding the supply of utilities. Our utilities management department offers customized solutions, tailored to your individual needs, for the supply of electricity and gas.

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