Just in case...

Do not worry: In the unlikely event of an accident, our plant fire brigade, our security staff, our medical department and other members of our relief team will immediately be on the scene.

Our disaster managers make sure that the safety of residents in the area and of our staff is given top priority. At least one of them can be reached 24/7 and will support, in the case of an incident, our plant fire brigade.

The involvement of the public and media is even more important in case of an emergency. This is why an emergency response team will provide information rapidly; via the Internet, the media or through public announcements detailed information will be made available to you quickly.

Should you have any individual questions, please do not hesitate to call us. You can reach our helpline on 0611 962 8800 at any time.

What to do when sirens are sounded

In case of a fire or of the escape of substances potentially dangerous to the residents in the area, the affected suburbs will be warned by means of public announcement. In this case you should

  • go indoors and if possible enter a room without windows on an upper floor,
  • ask your children to come inside,
  • assist the elderly and handicapped,
  • shut windows and doors,
  • switch off air conditioners and ventilation,
  • switch on the radio (broadcasting stations and incident channels),
  • inform your immediate neighbours,
  • do not touch objects with your bare hands which have been contaminated by escaped chemicals,
  • leave contaminated clothes and shoes outside your building/apartment if possible.

Once we are sure that danger has subsided, the warning will be taken back by our sounding a different siren.

In case of an internal warning, residents in the vicinity of the Industrial Park are not at risk. Therefore no special rules of conduct need to be observed.