Immission control / immission measurements

Apart from immission measurements accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, our services also include competent consulting, planning and the preparation of expert studies in compliance with Article 29b of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BlmSchG).

Our comprehensive know-how and great flexibility ensure the supply of custom-made and practical solutions for our customers such as in industry and trade, representatives of municipalities and associations or private citizens in Germany or abroad.

Here is an overview of our services pertaining to immission control/immission management: 

  • Noise emission measurements (measurements for CE-labeling, frequency analyses)
  • Noise immission measurements, including aviation and shooting noise
  • Preparation of approved noise forecasts for new construction projects and urban development planning
  • Consulting on noise-related issues and legal requirements for environmental protection (German Federal Immission Control Act – BlmSchG, German Technical Guidelines for Noise Reduction – TA Lärm)
  • Implementation of immission protection measures, such as the improvement of noise levels in production halls
  • Inspections of building acoustics

Our service directory, which we provide here for download, contains the entire range of services supplied by our department. Why don’t you check it out? We can surely offer something you need.

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