Emission measurements / air components

Be it in the context of regular inspections or for operational tests related to the monitoring of emissions – owing to our comprehensive know-how and great flexibility, we are able to offer you a custom-made solution, even for more complex issues. Our competent and flexible team of engineers and measurement technicians has short response times; this allows us to react spontaneously to the urgent needs of our customers.

Our broad portfolio of services encompasses continuous and discontinuous measuring methods for non-organic and organic components as summary parameters and/or individual components, supplemented by olfactory analyses as well as soil and landfill gas measurements. Thus we are able to address most issues pertaining to air pollutants.

Naturally, our portfolio of competencies in the field of measurement technology also includes qualified consulting surrounding all air-technical issues and compliance with environmental legislation (such as the German Federal Immission Control Act – BlmSchG – and the German Technical Guidelines for Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control – TA Luft).

Here is an overview of our services in the field of emission measurements/air components: 

  • Measurement of non-organic and organic air components as summary parameters and/or individual components
  • Measurement of atomized air components in the context of a total dust measurement and the identification of components
  • "Online" methods for many components such as fumes (CO/NOx/SO2), oxygen (O2), total organic carbon (TOC), temperature, exhaust air volumes
  • Identification of odor thresholds and odor units by way of olfactometry, according to DIN EN 13725 and guideline VDI 3880
  • Execution of exploratory odor inspections ("odor drives”), plume and grid measurements according to guideline VDI 3940
  • Preparation of emission declarations in compliance with the German Federal Immission Control Act (BlmSchG) and the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR)

Our service directory, which we provide here for download, contains the entire range of services supplied by our department. Why don’t you check it out? We can surely offer something you need.


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