Hazardous materials storage area

The InfraServ Wiesbaden hazardous materials storage area offers space for about 2,000 pallet slots and can be used for the storing of nearly all hazardous substances.


We take over the duty you normally have of meeting legal requirements:

The hazardous materials storage area is approved according to the Federal Emission Control Act and is continually checked in close cooperation with our specialist departments and the authorities. Our qualified staff as well as our computer system monitor and ensure the storing of the products according to current regulations (e.g. the prohibition of storing together certain products). We are already in compliance with the "Seveso-II-Directive“*.

In December 1996 the European Council of Ministers passed the so-called Seveso-II-Directive. This was supposed to be implemented into national law in the EU member states by 1999. In July 2000 the Seveso-II-Directive was introduced for the federal state of Hessen. The purpose of this directive is the avoidance of major accidents and incidents with hazardous substances and the limitation of impact on people and environment, obliging the operator to extensively document the safety situation of the plant/premises. The designation Seveso is based on an accident in the chemical industry on 10 July 1976 in the town of Seveso (about 30 km from Milano), when a reactor leaked an extremely toxic dioxin, killing numerous birds and other animals. Several thousand people had to be medically checked as a consequence.

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